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iSpring RCC7 Reverse Osmosis Review: 75GPD 5-Stage System

Of all the reverse osmosis (RO) systems that we’ve reviewed, the iSpring RCC7 is one that you ought to give some specific amount of attention to thanks to the 5 stage filtration and high 75 gallons per day capacity. Overall, this is a great value system that comes with a tank and a faucet.

Learn more in this iSpring RCC7 review.

iSpring RCC7, NSF Certified, High Capacity Under Sink 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener, 75 GPD, Brushed Nickel Faucet

iSpring RCC7 Review


A product of a top rated US-based brand since 2005, this one of a kind RO system embraces the best quality build to afford the user the high quality, noise free and problem free performance for use in both city and well water with very impressive gains.

It is capable of eliminating 99% of chemicals including lead, arsenic and fluoride as well as a plethora of microorganisms, pharmaceutical products and more than 1000 pollutants that might find their way into the water you use ensuring that you get quality and safe to use water that benefits your health instead of harming it.

To further cement on the quality parts and build of the iSpring RCC7 , it is made with WET parts that are NSF certified and from a company that has an ISO 9000:2000 certification of quality management systems.

Filtration system and membrane

It comes with a 5 stage filtration system that ensures that even the tiniest of micro-organisms do not make it past its multi-level filtration system. This ensures that you get the best quality water with the least amount of pollutants and at a mere cost of one cent per bottle.

  • Stage 1: PP sediment filter that removes dust, sediment, and other impurities. Lifespan 6-12 months
  • Stage 2: GAC filter that removes chlorine, taste, and odors. Lifespan 6-12 months
  • Stage 3: CTO filter that removes chloramine and VOCs. Lifespan 6-12 months
  • Stage 4: RO membrane. Lifespan 2-3 years
  • Stage 5: Post-carbon filter for adding a “normal” taste and removing any residual impurities. Lifespan 6-12 months

The bigger RO membrane with more square footage allows for more delivery of up to 75 Gallons Per Day (GPD) of the same great tasting high quality water which is 1.5 more times compared to the 50 GPD.

This ensures that you always have a tank full of safe to drink water and when you are running low, the system is able to fill the tank in a shorter amount of time.

To ensure that you are not taking any risks with this RO system, the manufacturer offers a 30 day money back policy and a 1 year satisfaction guarantee that ensures you are well taken care of as you try to get conversant with the new filtration system. To make the usage much easier, there is a free DIY video on YouTube and the company offers free lifetime tech support.

While such systems have the basic task of making sure that all the water that comes through them does not leave the same way it came in, it is also vital to understand that different users have different applications.

That is why this particular filtration system comes with a number of upgrades as of September of 2014. These include among others, a luxury designer EU style faucet, water detector as well as a Feed Water adapter among others.


Installation tips

The iSpring RCC7 requires a pressure of 40 to 80 PSI to function properly. If your water pressure is less than 40 PSI, you’ll need a pump to increase the pressure, and if the pressure is greater, you’ll need a pressure regulator.

On the whole, the installation process is really simple. Like most of the other systems we’ve reviewed, it takes 60 minutes or so to install and requires minimal drilling. You can always call a professional if you are uneasy doing it yourself.

You need to drill a single hole in your kitchen counter to pull the faucet through and mount. Drilling the hole will depend on what kind of material your countertop is made of.

The video we’ve embedded above is from iSpring themselves and it’s a very straightforward demonstration of how to set up the iSpring RCC7 system.


  • With the 5 stage filtration process, there is little chance of anything below the standard passing through guaranteeing the user of higher quality and safer water for their home use.
  • The system takes a shorter time to fill up a tank and hence makes it ideal for larger family and even better for a medium size family.
  • It is quick and easy to set up with a very informative video on YouTube on how to go around the process making it stress free right from the start.
  • Comes with a number of highly attractive packs that include a 30 day money back policy, 1 year satisfaction guarantee as well as free lifetime tech support.
  • This system has a 4 gallon pressurized tank
  • The faucet is European inspired with a nickel finish


  • For this system to work, the water pressure needs to be at least 40 psi and hence poses a challenge to areas with low water pressure since a booster pump is only available at an extra cost.
  • Waste water is the same as all systems: about 3 gallons per gallon of purified water
  • Shorter filter lifespan than similar models

iSpring RCC7P: an upgraded iSpring RCC7

Since we mentioned that one con of the iSpring RCC7 is the lack of a pump, there is another model available which is an improved version of the iSpring RCC7: the iSpring RCC7P.

The RCC7P has a permeate pump built in so you can use it even if the water pressure in your home is below 40 PSI.

It also produces less waste water than the original model.

iSpring RCC7P Reverse Osmosis System with Pump, WQA Certified, Under Sink 5-Stage, Ultimate Water Softener
  • Reverse Osmosis produces purified drinking water by...
  • High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis system for safer, healthier...
  • TDS Reduction: 5-Stage gradient water filtration produces...


Overall, the iSpring RCC7 is a very competitive RO system that’s right up there with the APEC Top Tier. One potential shortfall though is the filter lifespan. However, it’s worth noting that iSpring replacement filters are also more economical than other systems.

Also, there is no LED indicator to let you know when to change a filter, so you’ll just have to periodically measure the TDS to check the integrity of the filters.

Still, the price is quite appealing, and considering the lower cost of the replacement filters, the iSpring RCC7 is one of the better value systems out there.

iSpring RCC7, NSF Certified, High Capacity Under Sink 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener, 75 GPD, Brushed Nickel Faucet
  • [CERTIFIED TO NSF/ANSI 58]: High Capacity Reverse Osmosis...
  • [BENEFITS]: Fits under a standard kitchen sink. This water...
  • [EASY DO IT YOURSELF INSTALLATION]: Typically in a couple of...