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New Wave Enviro Review: Many Different Water Filters

New Wave Enviro is a company that provides quality water filtration systems for home use. This company has been in business since 1993. In 1998, they began producing portable bottles that also have a water filter system.

These bottles and the filtration systems make it easier for you to filter and store water even when on transit. Sustainability, knowledge, top-notch customer service and quality are among the core values that New Wave Enviro takes pride in.

This manufacturer produces an assortment of other products ideal for the home setup. Reusable bottles, water dispensers, shower, and water filters are among the items that you will come across this manufacturer. Not all units from them is a water filter system.

In this New Wave Enviro review, we discuss the top products from the manufacturer. Read on to learn more about New Wave Enviro, the products they have in the market, as well as, where you can purchase their units from.

New Wave Enviro Review: Drinking Water Filters

Under this category New Wave Enviro has different types of models. They avail an array of water filters that are effective, safe, and the rates they sell at are competitive.

Before you order for any water filter system from the retailers that stock products from this manufacturer, confirm that it will cater to your needs wholly.

In this review, we explore all the options that fall in this selection to help you decide which of the filtration systems is ideal for your needs.

Read through to the end to know more about the exquisite water filter provisions that this brand releases to the market.

1. New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Under-sink model

If you are looking to have fresh water straight from your faucet then the under-sink model ought to be your number one choice. The New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Plus model is one filter that has made a name in the industry.

In the package you receive, you will find a brushed nickel faucet, fittings, tubing, as well as, a high-pressure housing. Pressure regulation is fundamental for the operation of the New Wave enviro 10 Stage Plus. You will need skilled hands to help with the installation process if you are unsure of the procedure.

Filtration Quality

The New Wave Enviro 10 Stage water filter model removes a decent number of contaminants from the water you pass through it. Chlorine, lead, pesticides, herbicides, organic, and inorganic arsenic are among the many contaminants that the Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water filter system eliminates.

This unit from New Wave Enviro is among the few all-in-one water filter systems that you will come across as you shop.

This unit filters a total of 800 gallons of water before you need to replace the cartridges. The pressure housing on the other hand must be changed after every five years.

For less than $100, you can acquire this filter and enjoy fresh water in your home for many years to come. If you choose to install the filter yourself, follow all the setup instructions to avoid damaging the 10 Stage Plus water filter.

New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Plus Water Filter System
  • DRINK SAFE WATER: Enjoy fresh filtered water with the 10...
  • ELIMINATES CONTAINMENTS: 10 Stage works to eliminate harmful...
  • EASY INSTALLMENT: The space-saving filter quickly and easily...

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2. New Wave Enviro Alkaline Filter Pitcher System

This company has different models of pitchers available. The pitcher filters are among the common filtration systems in the market today. The various units in this group that New Wave Enviro produces are well constructed for the task at hand.

Filtration Quality

The filtration quality of the pitcher models from this company is outstanding. The Alkaline Filter Pitcher System is one of the popular models from this family.

This unit raises the PH to anywhere between 8.5 and 9.5. In turn, this provides the perfect balance for ionized metals such as magnesium, calcium, and sodium among others.

The cartridge in this particular model can alkalize and purify up to 300 liters of water before it becomes ineffective. BPA free material is used to construct the pitcher; hence, the water is safe for human consumption.

Additionally, cleaning the pitcher is straightforward. The materials are dishwasher friendly hence cleaning the pitcher you buy will not be a problem. Other than the durable and stylish design, the pitcher comes with a cartridge replacement reminder to alert you when you need to replace it.

Other than the Alkaline pitcher series, there are other models from this manufacturer.

New Wave Enviro Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher – Removes Contaminants,Black,1 EA
  • FRESH ALKALINE WATER: Enjoy fresh, filtered Alkaline water....
  • FILTRATION: This filter will raise your water’s pH levels...
  • BENEFITS: The filtration process helps keep your water safe...

3. New Wave Enviro Shower Filter

The two common units in this selection are the Spa Experience Designer and Premium bath filters.

You may think that having a filtration system fitted on a shower is beyond the scope but this not the case. Chlorine gets into your body through the skin and lungs when you take a shower. This is more detrimental to your health than drinking tap water making it necessary for you to filter your bath water.

Filtration Process

New Wave Enviro shower filters give you the chance to keep chlorine and other contaminants away from your hair, skin, and lungs.

Both the premium and design units soften the water by removing chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals, and ther contaminants. Additionally, these shower filter systems come with an aroma diffuser.

It is part of the items that you receive. You can choose to use the diffuser alongside the filter or not. These two shower filters are designed to fit almost all showers.

Installation is an easy task. All you have to do is screw in the shower water filter system of choice between the water pipe and shower head.


4. New Wave Enviro Alkaline Water Wand

The alkaline bottle is the best choice for people who need a unit that they can carry around. The water wand is installed inside the bottle.

How does the wand work?

The stainless steel wand raises the PH of the water to above 8.5. It does this in minutes and the process also helps eliminate chlorine. The wand is made of 304 grade stainless steel.

You can use the wand with the alkaline water bottle or any other reusable bottles. If you travel a lot or you are an outdoors enthusiast you will find the wand very helpful.

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Final thoughts

To conclude this New Wave Enviro review, this is a brand with outstanding reviews and products. It is a company with diverse water filtration units in the market.

Their products range from under the sink models to countertops and alkaline wands. Apart from the water filtration systems, New Wave Enviro has an assortment of food and beverage containers for both adults and children.

Also, information regarding the virtual sellers that you can buy from is readily available when you visit their official site.

This review and others on the internet will help you make an informed choice. Every review left by previous users is important but do not try DIY hacks suggested regarding installation or use.

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