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5 Best whole house carbon water filter: get clean water to your home

In some homes, it is critical to install a carbon filtration system. What is a whole house carbon water filter? Well, this is a water filtration home system installed at the point-of-entry for water to your home to give clean home water that is filtered for use in the entire household and its appliances. In this post, we’ll look at picks for the best whole house carbon water filter.

Clean water is vital to give a healthy environment for your family, as you use it to cook, drink, clean, and wash. In most instances, the supply to your home will always contain other products that contaminate it including chlorine, chemicals, and impurities, which may pose health hazards to your health in the long run.

The filtration water systems home is connected to the main water pipe enabling you to enjoy fresh home water. Whether you have multiple or one water heater, one filtration system will do. The filtration systems are available in various varieties, each serving a different purpose.

Best Whole House Carbon Water Filter: 5 Picks

1. Aquasana Whole House Carbon Filtration system

It comprises of two filtration tanks. It is useful in the removal of chlorine. The upper tanks consist of KDF-55 medium, which is made up of 45% zinc and 55% copper, making it useful in removing heavy metals soluble in water as well as chlorine.

Also, the upper tank is for removing minerals that enhances the water PH and the control scale of the internal plumbing. It has a design effective at prohibiting the algae and bacteria growth.

The lower tank consists of a carbonized, activated medium that works to reduce any chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. Though very useful, the Aquasana water filter is not able to filter fluoride.

However, the filtration system will give clean, odorless water for your use. You will enjoy the shower at peace, which reduces exposure to unhealthy chemicals that can damage your hair and skin.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to attaining soft water with Aquasana falls short. It excellently works as a descaler by preventing mineral scale from building up in the plumbing system, although the water remains hard.

To get soft water, you will need to install a separate water softener.

It has a flow rate of seven gallons per minute, with the least issues with the water pressure. Due to its dual tank design, it can serve you for as long as a decade.

Its outstanding dual tank design is a great way to prevent clogging while ensuring that the water stays in touch with the contaminant grabbing media long enough. Apart from the easy replacements, the systems are also durable.

It comes with options to upgrade to prevent scale formation while protecting the plumbing system and pipes from corroding. Another distinct feature you can upgrade to is the use of UV filtration, which is touted to kill a significant percentage of viruses and bacteria.


  • Reduces chlorine up to 97%
  • Durable
  • Easy and quick maintenance
  • An effective way of filtering synthetic chemicals and heavy metals.


  • Unable to remove fluoride
  • Unless you use additional water softener, the water remains hard

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2. iSpring WGB32BM 3 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

This works best for people relying on well water that has a high composition of heavy metals. It is useful in the removal of manganese and iron up to 99%. It can last up to three months since the catalytic media is not consumed in the process.

It is also capable of reducing arsenic significantly. The system carries out efficient filtration for lead, sediments, chlorine, chemicals, and chloramines , among other contaminants that create bad odor and taste. It can handle up to 0.25 gallons flow for every second.

It boasts of a three-stage filtration system design with high capacity sediment filtration, which removes large sized particles and dirt. It also consists of a carbon block that can remove bad tastes and odor as well as 90% of chlorine in the water, pesticides, herbicides, and other industrial chemicals.

It contains a more-dense carbon block, unlike other carbon systems, and is therefore useful for removing contaminants.

Lastly, it removes out manganese and iron from your water.

The filtration system is multilayered in design for minimal pressure loss and least clogs. Also, there are large sizes of 20*4.5?? that reduces the need for maintenance while improving the flow rate.

It is also equipped with output and input ports.It has a considerable capacity of up to 100,000-gallon capacity meant to provide clean water for the household the entire year. However, it has a shorter lifespan compared to other filtration systems on the market.

It comes with one-year warranty and a 30 day money-back policy for products with manufacturing defects. All the filtration system go through rigorous testing by independent three parties to meet the NSF set standards.


  • Removes heavy metals
  • Equipped with 3 stage filter
  • Removes bad odor, taste, and chlorine
  • ?Great flow rate


  • Expensive
  • Wears out quite fast

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3.??? 3M Aqua-Pure Whole Filtration System

It is a compact, simple, and easy to install. It is suitable for families that find it challenging to handle expansive filtration system. Though simple in design, it has great functionality.? It comes with a filter that removes tiny sediments, dust, and dirt.

Next, the water goes through the layer sediment filter, then a carbon filter where chlorine is removed. In most instances, it will last for one year without need for replacement purifying up to 100,000 gallons of water.

Please note you can determine when to change it by checking the water pressure: once the water pressure goes down, then it is time.

However, you can increase the filter’s life by installing a course pre-filter that will remove significant sediments so that they won’t clog the tiny pores of the filter.? The replacement is fast; two minutes will do.

Noting the simple design is made of non-corrosive stainless steel is pure bliss. You can do it without requiring an expert. Importantly, you will not require any tools.


  • Affordable
  • Efficient in reducing sediments and chlorine
  • Improves the smell and taste of your water
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent flow rate of 75 litres per minute


  • ? Will need pre-filters for water with high sediment composition

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4. Express 3 Stage Water Filter System

It has an excellent performance to improve the quality of life of the users by providing clean drinking water for your family and pets. It will allow you to enjoy chlorine and odor-free showers while offering clean water for your outdoor plants. It will also protect your home appliances. The 3-stage filter design ensures effective filtration.

At the first stage, the filter caches sediments, including sand, dust, rust, and silt. The second stage filtration consists of a catalytic carbon that filters out chloramine, organic chemicals, suspended dirt, and heavy metals. It also hinders the growth of fungi, bacteria, and algae.

The last stage involves a carbon block filter, which carries out more exceptional filtration and removes any unwanted tastes and odors to give you clean tap water. The unit doesn?t soften the water. It boasts a flow at a rate of 7 to 15 gallons for every minute.

It is designed with a pressure gauge that is easy to use. Please note, the pressure gauge operates at a maximum pressure of 150PSL. With it, you can determine the pressure of incoming water in the entire system.

Further, it consists of a pressure release button on the inlet side, making it easier to replace the cartridge. Note that the button tends to shoot water all over when pressed; therefore, you should be ready for the slight inconvenience. Each filter can last up to 20000 gallons without any requirement for frequent replacement.

The filter is manufactured and tested to meet the NSF standards. It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Contains a pressure gauge
  • Efficient in filtering sediments, heavy metals, and chlorine
  • Has 3 stage filtration design


  • The filter change system can be messy
  • The filters require frequent replacement

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5. Home Master HMF3SDGFEC 3-Stage Water Filter

This filter is not recommended for city water. Please enter it in water system for non-chlorinated water. Avoid using it for water containing iron, bacteria, or a pH which is less than 7.0. Besides that, this filter delivers quality clean water for use in your home without drawing down the water pressure.

It works best for well water containing iron, manganese, and hydrogen fluoride with excellent purification capabilities. It filters up to 95% iron, manganese, chemicals, contaminants, sediments that give a foul odor and taste to your water.

Equipped with four filters, it provides a more exceptional filtration with high dirt holding capacity.

The second stage involves the use of an iron reduction filter, which reduces iron significantly. Lastly, the carbon filters remove chemicals, bad odor, and taste from the water.

The overall filtration system is useful in filtering up to 95% of sediments, contaminants, and chemicals. It has a flow rate of 15-gallon per minute while ensuring no clogging happens.

The system is easy to install. It comprises a massive filter housing with ports that give intense water pressure while improving the flow rate. It requires least maintenance practices, thus saving you time, money, and effort too. On rare occasions, you will experience some issues with leading copper of plastic fittings or the canisters themselves.

Please check to see a two-year warranty with an additional BPA free water bottle for every purchase you make.


  • Has big filter tanks
  • Low maintenance
  • High flow rate
  • Excellent filtering capabilities
  • Equipped with a 3-step design


  • Not suitable for cleaning city water
  • Might experience leaking issues
  • Average lifespan

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Best Whole House Carbon Water Filter: Buyer’s Guide

What Does a Carbon Filter Remove?

The filtration system is a great way to remove products in it. Also, activated carbon remove heavy metals, chlorine, and iron. Advanced filtration systems include water softener and UV light purifiers, among other purification gadgets, to ensure you get products that are completely purified.

Importantly, you needn’t a fancy system that removes all products. Please enter the prior testing stage of your water to know the products in it. If you find it is safe already, installing a system that wipes out the smell would be more than enough.


Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It?

The whole house water filter will give you benefits in addition to a couple of extras.? The whole system removes chemicals at the entry point. Therefore, you won?t be exposed to harmful chlorine vapors when showering. please ensure you remove sediments that would potentially cause damage to your home pipes.

The filtration system also removes iron thus preventing your home appliances from rusting. These benefits are all great, therefore, it is worth it.

Are Carbon Water Filters Worth It?

Carbon rely on finely processed charcoal. The microscopic carbon particles provide a surface area that offers incredible powers of absorption. For that reason, please note they act as chemical remover.

Therefore, the carbon water filters are worth it. They remove contaminants rendering it safe for you to drink.

Do Whole House Water Filters Affect Water Pressure?

Yes, a whole filtration system handles incoming contaminants to give healthier water in every faucet in your house. As a result, the entire home system slows down the flow.

The water pressure to your appliances, shower and water sinks as well as other faucets decrease. Therefore, filtered water flows at a slower rate unlike unfiltered water since the filtration media alters the rate at which water flows.

Why do you need a carbon water filter?

Most people are not aware that it does not o matters not only the water we drink but also the one we use to clean our clothes. Some water depending on the source, will contain chemicals that vaporize when showering, which may affect your health. Using a whole house water filter will promote healthy skin and hair while ensuring clean water for your household, plants, and pets.

Please note that whole house filter for water works in the entire place without installing an independent filtration system at each point of use, it offers a lot of convenience for your household requirements.

Besides, it also removes substances such as chloramines and chlorine used by water treatment companies. Contaminants including lead, mercury, and other dissolved elements thus acting as a water softener.

You will find it useful in disinfecting and filtering depending on the sources such as wells that have not gone through treatment by the local companies.

Other things to consider

Pipe Size

In most instances, the pipe feeding most households with water is ? or 1” diameter. The filter will require to be of the same size or as the mains pipe or lager since a smaller pipe would lead to clogging. Always, ensure you go for the right water filtration system since it will reduce the issues arising with the water pressure.

Type of Filter

Having tested the water, you will need to choose a type of filter that will remove specific substances found in your water. Carbon filtration system is ideal for treating water with chlorine.

Performance and use

You will amicably agree that the more the filter stages, the better a filtration system is since there are several layers to wipe out any impurities. Usually, most designs are three staged through a two-stage filtration system that may suffice in areas with less contaminated water.

Typically, they will cost you less. However, you will also want to consider the system’s entire performance in terms of removing impurities and softening and descaling it.

Type of Water

Testing it in your house to find out products in it before installing a filtration system is vital. It will allow you to choose a filter that suits your purpose. At times, you will require an aggressive system in the removal of chloramines. Therefore, you will want to go for a filtration system that is effective in reducing chloramines levels.

Does It Meet the Standards Of NSF?

If you buy a certified filter by the NSF (National sanitation foundation), then it is good enough for the purpose. Additionally, you can confirm it contains the water quality association (WAQ) seal. rights reserved, WAQ will always have a quality seal on the products. The certifications will imply the filters have proven to be of quality after being taken through rigorous testing by the most reputable organizations in the US.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that any filter without the seal from the NSF is of poor quality. All rights reserved, certification comes along with high costs, which might not be affordable for small enterprises.

Some companies opt to do independent testing at their lab in comparison to the NSF standards. If they do it in trustworthy labs, the certification can as well be meaningful. All rights reserved, NSF remains the most authentic way of determining quality products.

How Long is the Filter Life?

Lifespan is another vital factor considers while selecting a filtration system would be the lifespan and capacity. A unit with huge capacity can last up to a decade for regular use while others can last for just one year. Installation of a whole house filtration system is an engaging and time-consuming task.

However, the replacement of the carbon filter is less engaging than the installation although not a walk in the park. It takes techniques that may require you to engage a professional at times.

The process will involve turning the water on and off frequently, which would be inconveniencing to the family at times. As a result, you would require a cartridge that will take you through several months conveniently.

Hence, it would be advisable to go for a system that lasts at least 6 months. Depending on their quality and the rate at which you use it, a filter can serve you for years or a decade. It would be recommendable to go for such convenience.

Final thoughts

Whole house water filtration systems are one of the most popular filtering solutions applicable throughout the US. The systems is popular since it produce high-quality drinking water. The best whole house water carbon filtration system is also environment friendly, unlike other filtration systems.

Whole house water filter is worth it whenever you are looking for a filtration system that can remove sediments, micro-organisms, heavy metals, rust, and chemicals from your water. It not only help to protect our health but also increase the lifespan of your household appliances.Therefore, it is worth every coin you spend on it.

Even though the tap in the US cities is treated, making it safe for direct consumption will require a basic whole house filtration. It will further remove any rust, sediments, and chemicals such as chlorine or chloramines to get high-quality water. The water will be odorless and clear. In any case, the filtration systems are affordable, and they won’t possibly hurt.

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