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What Is Best Water Filter Pitcher? Read Reviews


Water filter pitchers have become a common method for water purification because of ease of use, no need for installation, portability, and can be stored in a refrigerator. They mainly use advanced carbon filters to clear odors, improve on taste, and remove other impurities. Many people keep making the mistake of confusing water filter pitchers with other larger filters but end up getting disappointed especially in one area or another. This review brings you reviews for top 6 best water pitchers so that you can pick the ideal one for your home, picnic, or office.

Our Recommendations For The Best Water Filter Pitchers

Brita Everyday

Brita Standard Everyday Water Filter Pitcher, White, Large 10 Cup, 1 Count
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This water filter pitcher is one of the top sellers in the market today. It is large with a capacity of up to 10 cups that make it ideal for serving some people whether at home or office. It is fitted with an advanced filter that makes it operate relatively faster compared to others. Brita water filter pitcher is strong and can replace about 300 standard water bottles of 16.9 ounces. This makes it an ideal pitcher to carry to your camping site for supply of fresh water without installing huge machinery.
Though it is still deficient if you have a large family or want to hold a large gathering, we found it ideal for most offices where only a few people are served with water. The pitcher and its filter are highly effective in clearing impurities and supplying you with high-quality drinking water. It clears off all cadmium, copper, zinc, mercury and bad odor from the water. Besides, it is made with BPA-free materials that guarantee you the water will not be contaminated further.
Whether using this water filter pitcher at home or office, it is very easy to use. It comes with an easy fitting lid and comfortable grip so that you can serve water easily even away from the kitchen. It can also be stored in the freezer to make the water cooler for drinking and has an indicator to notify you when the filter is used up and need replacement. This pitcher was found to be among the best and we strongly recommend it to you for quality water and high value for money.
Brita Standard Everyday Water Filter Pitcher, White, Large 10 Cup, 1 Count
  • The BPA-free Everyday water pitcher with filter holds 10...
  • Get great-tasting water without the waste; by switching to...
  • This space efficient Brita pitcher fits perfectly on...

PUR 18 Cup Dispenser

Pur Water Dispenser Filtration System and Filter
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This water filter pitcher is designed to bring quality, effectiveness and style to your home or office. It is very effective and removes up to 95% of all mercury, chlorine and 96% of trace elements of other impurities. It is, therefore, reliable equipment for supplying you with clean, lovely tasting and safe water. our review team found the water filter pitcher more useful because it still leaves beneficial levels of fluoride and magnesium for strengthening your body system.
The PUR uses the latest MAXION filter technology that combines carbon filters and ion exchange operations to help clear all the contaminants from the water. The technology makes the pitcher more effective and faster in clearing the impurities. One fill supplies you with 18 cups of water or 8 oz glasses of water which are enough for a sizable family or office.
This water filter pitcher is designed to make water filtration easy and fast. Simply lift the lid to fill water from the tap and wait for about 25 minutes to have it filtered and ready for use. Besides, the handle has a comfort grip that makes pouring and carrying around easy. The designer also made the pitcher thin enough so that it can fit in most refrigerators. Whether you are headed to the camping site or want a good supply of clean water to your office, this water filter pitcher will keep you supplied with all the clean water to make all the difference you anticipate.
Pur Water Dispenser Filtration System and Filter
  • Product Type:Potable Water Filter
  • Color: Blue/Clear
  • Fabric Type: Plastic

Brita UltraMax

Brita UltraMax Filtering Dispenser, 18 Cup, Black
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While the narrative that water filter pitchers are small has remained the talk of the town for many years, Brita sought to break it with this extra large UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser. It is designed with a larger holding capacity of up to 1.13 gallons which is ideal for larger households and bigger offices.

Its efficiency, shape, larger capacity, and appealing design make it an ideal addition to countertops at home and offices. It is fitted with an advanced filtration system that will help to clear chlorine, zinc, sediments, copper, and other impurities like benzene, lead, and cadmium. It also clears chlorine and bad odors to guarantee the user of a lovely taste.

The dispenser features a lovely spigot that allows you to fill the glass, bottle, or cup easily and enjoy whether in the office or outdoors. To make the dispenser even easier to use, it is constructed with an electronic gauge meter that helps to monitor the rate of filter use so that it can be replaced when used up. Because this water filter pitcher is a countertop model, we found it to be inflexible especially for people who need to move outdoors more often. Despite this, it is a great addition that comes with a long 90 days warranty and, therefore, a perfect piece with a higher value for money.

Brita UltraMax Filtering Dispenser, 18 Cup, Black
  • SPACE EFFICIENT: The BPA-Free UltraMax Water Dispenser holds...
  • CLEANER AND GREAT TASTING: The Brita standard filter reduces...
  • FILTER CHANGE REMINDER: A helpful sticker indicator on the...

MAVEA Elemaris XL

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This water filtration pitcher is constructed to provide users with perfect equipment for safe water and sense of style in their homes. It uses a MAVEA Maxtra Filter that releases small black bits into the water for consistent performance over the filters? lifespan. The filter does not require pre-soaking like others do; a consideration that makes it more convenient and easy to use.

While other pitchers require you to remove the lid for a refill, it is different in this case. The water filter pitcher has an easy to press opening that allows you to fill easily. Besides, it is clear, and you can monitor the level of the water and add more for a continuous supply. The MAVEA Meter is intelligent and measures the level your filter has been exhausted and notifies you when to replace it. Therefore, there is no risk of using water that is dirty and unclean for use.

The water filter pitcher is large enough and holds up to 9 cups of clean water which is enough for most offices and small homes. The system helps to clear bad odors, and aesthetic chlorinates in the water. It also removes organic impurities such as benzene, heavy metals like lead, pesticides, and Limescale to the WQA certified standards. The filter is affordably priced and a great addition to your office or home.

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ZeroWater 10-Cup Pitcher

ZeroWater ZP-010, 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter, Blue/White
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We found this pitcher to be very effective in filtering heavy metals especially lead and chromium. It also proved more effective in clearing bad odors and leaving the water clear, clean, and safe to use.

The water filter pitcher has a dual process filtration that clears most impurities in the water. It combines ion exchange system with a special filter that helps to clear up to 99.6% of all dissolved solids from the water tap. In a design that was meant to depart from other common water filter pitchers, this piece has a real-time meter that tells the level of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and also notifies you when to replace the meter.

The water filter pitcher is designed in a unique way to not only give you the supply of 10 cups of water with every refill but give the living room or office a lovely outlook. It is also stylish with the press to dispense button and a lovely spigot to refill a glass or bottle. Whether you are looking for a reliable machine to supply safe drinking water or a stylish addition to your kitchen, we found the ZeroWater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher to be one of the best pieces. We recommend it to those with small to sizable families or offices.

ZeroWater ZP-010, 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter, Blue/White
  • 10 CUP WATER FILTERING PITCHER: You'll always have cleaner,...
  • FIVE STAGE WATER FILTRATION: Unlike many water filters &...
  • NOT AN ORDINARY WATER FILTER: ZeroWater filters filter water...

Alkaline Water Pitcher

Lake Industries7000 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher, 7-Stage Cartridge Composed of Ion Exchange Resin, Tourmaline, Mineral Balls and Carbon, Removes Free-Radicals and Eliminates Toxins, 2.5 Liters
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The Alkaline Water Pitcher – 2.5 Liters is a special piece designed for fast performance and supply of fresh and alkaline water. While the common filters focused on clearing most minerals, they create a problem of denying the human body essential minerals. For instance, your body requires magnesium which forms part of sleep cycle hormone. Calcium and phosphorous are also required in small quantities for bones strengthening and division cell purposes, respectively. This filter ensures that you are supplied with all the necessary minerals for better health.

This water filter pitcher came out to be more appealing because all the water goes through the filter and not across it. When you add water, it goes to the upper holding chamber and is then filtered through to the lower chamber. You can, therefore, see the process because the pitcher is clear and keep adding water for continuous supply. Though it is not big enough for supplying large families or big offices, it was found very useful for outdoor activities such a camping, beach activities, and small offices.

Whether you are looking for a water filter pitcher that is easy to use, highly effective, and attractive, this pitcher is one of the most reliable. It is easy to use by simply pouring water and letting it slip through the filter under gravity. Changing the filter is also easy, and the pitcher guarantees you of longer service whether at the home office.

Lake Industries7000 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher, 7-Stage Cartridge Composed of Ion Exchange Resin, Tourmaline, Mineral Balls and Carbon, Removes Free-Radicals and Eliminates Toxins, 2.5 Liters
  • 7 STAGE FILTER CARTRIDGE of Ion Exchange Resin, Tourmaline,...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - Slim pitcher easily fits in any...

Why should you use water filter pitcher ?

They are highly effective in clearing water impurities: While most of the water people get through the tap is thought to be clean, it contains a lot of impurities that can risk your health.

Water filter pitchers are portable: Unlike other large water purification systems, the best water filter pitchers are portable and easy to move around from room to another, camping sites, and even backyard.

They are easy to use: When you pick the best water filter pitcher, you simply plug and use. They do not require special installations.

They are slim enough to fit in refrigerators: This guarantees the user of clean, pure and cool water to quench thirst whether in the office or home.

Their design makes them ideal d?cor equipment or kitchen: Whether you install the equipment into your kitchen or office, it will add a sense of d?cor and diversity.


How to choose the best water filter pitcher?

Though many people find selecting an ideal water filter pitcher to be a difficult process, it need not be. Here are five key things you need to focus on to get the best.

  • Understand the impurities of your water supply. Based on the impurities, you can select the water filter that is more effective and specific.
  • Pick a water filter pitcher capable of filtering large amounts of water depending on your family or office needs.
  • Portability: A good water filter pitcher should be easy to carry around and use. It should be easy to take to different rooms in the office, carry outdoors, or even in the boat.
  • Select the water filter pitcher that is easy to maintain. Because it keeps clearing impurities, there will always be some dirt left on the equipment. Therefore, it should be easy to clean and maintain on demand.
  • Pick the water filter pitcher designed by top brands. Though many manufacturers keep making new designs and sending them to the market, you can only be sure by purchasing from brands that are known to focus on quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Pick the equipment with longer lifespan and guarantee of value for money. Well, you do not want to buy an item and have it rendered useless the following day. The best item should be sturdily built and sold with guarantee so that the user can enjoy high value for money.


Water filter pitchers came out as ideal home and office additions because they help clear all impurities in water and guarantee the user freedom from water-borne diseases. The review brought to fore the best water filter pitchers with a focus on quality, design, and customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking for a reliable water filter pitcher to add to the office or home, we found the six to be of great use, reliable, and a great addition for d?cor purposes. They were also portable and of high quality to guarantee you of extra value for money. Pick any the depending on personal preferences and water quantity requirements to enjoy clean and safe drinking water at all times.

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  1. We trust Brita. Eversince water filters came into existence, we have been filtering our waters. So far, the best water filter for us is Brita. The filtering quality is good and it is durable as well. Try it, this product will speak for itself.


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