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Berkey vs Propur Water Filters: 2 brands compared

Since its inception in 1990 in Colorado, berkey filters boasts in the water filtration industry since they produces a gold standard of the gravity water filters. Propur filters were founded in 2011 doing business outside Michigan. This was in its consistent endeavors to bring healthy and clean drinking water from all parts of the world. Let’s compare Berkey vs Propur.

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Berkey Vs Propur: What’s the difference?

Types of water filters

While Big Berkey concentrates on specifically building line of gravity filters, the Propur line of filters is diverse.

It produces a wide plethora of water filters and water softeners while employing cutting-edge filtering technology. Propur water filters is an ambitious company with its products getting sold across the globe. Propur is driven by the urge to deliver more clean water.

Berkey gravity filters vs Propur gravity filters

Both Berkey and propur both give excellent gravity water filters, which are not only highly-rated but also touted by first-hand users. Irrespective of the system you decide to use, you will enjoy drinking highly purified water while bettering your health and that of your family members.

However, one brand is a superior product over the other: Big Berkey. With its working, you will completely love it. Besides, berkey has been existence for a while. Unlike propur, it offers excellent warranty filter lifespans, and the number of contaminants reduced, berkey tops virtually all categories.

Despite that, berkey water filter reviews indicate that it has its downsides, in comparison to propur water filter, while water filter berkey comes standard with a plastic spigot, propur that consists of stainless steel.

Berkey filtration system doesn’t give a stainless steel spigot to buy, although you can get it at an extra cost, that is beyond the unit cost. Also, even though wholly warranted, berkey units are expensive valuing it at a per-gallon price unlike the propur.

Propur filter last for one year while Berkey system can last up to 5 years. Berkey filters can be scrubbed and re-used unlike Propur which must be discarded after one year.

Propur is made of high-quality stainless steel that is easy to clean and durable. In addition to its fast flow rate, propur turns out to be ideal for daily use. Nonetheless, Berkey system has a faster flow rate unlike propur. Just like Propur system it is also made of highly polished stainless steel.

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Filtration quality

Berkey water filters review shows it attracts a considerable following, and people are continually finding out about it in endeavors to find out the best water filters. The manufacturing company claims it can remove impurities than other filters even though the NSF standards, like other filter systems, do not certify the unit.

Following intensive research and laboratory testing to establish the real worth of Berkey filters it is reasonable for buyers to make decisions depending on actual and dependable performance. NSF/ANSI certification is essential.

The berkey system is expensive, more substantial, and harder to use than other filtration options that have NSF certification. The manufacturer claims that berkey filters can remove numerous amounts of impurities, unlike other gravity fed filter.

However, the berkey water filter review results aren?t consistent with lab results. It shows less effective water filtration. One area where findings show high performance by berkey system is on the removal of heavy metals such as lead from your water unlike propur.

Berkey is a worthwhile option if you have concerns about heavy metals in your water, particularly for a whole house treatment since it works without power.

It works for your daily water filtration, just like most of the NSF certified filters. Even though small, it is convenient, less expensive, easy to use, and maintain. Besides, berkey employs technology, which is meant not to remove ionic minerals from the water.

The elements are designed to remove sedimentary minerals.? Additionally, it reduces the heavy metals while retaining beneficial minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

Are Proper and berkey filters interchangeable?

Its time to replace your filter elements, but you have a different brand name of the gravity filters. Will the big berkey filter elements fit your system?? Yes, the big berkey filter systems are interchangeable with other filtration systems, and other systems can also be used including propur filters. Berkey and propur are interchangeable.

Does Berkey remove glyphosate?

Does your berkey filtration system remove glyphosate from your water? Glyphosate is herbicide and pesticide in the non-selective category. Since the chemical is so widely used, it raises some significant concerns, can it get into our water, if yes, what is the health implications?

Why is glyphosate bad?

Research indicates that glyphosate has a high affinity to the soil. However, it can leach to water bodies that are adjacent to lands that have been sprayed using round up chemical or when the runoff water sweeps across agricultural lands where glyphosate is predominantly applied. Glyphosate is stable in water, so it doesn’t readily degrade; instead, it persists in an aquatic environment.

The primary route of exposure for human beings is through inhaling it directly or through contact with your skin with the chemical or from taking water contaminated with a roundup or consuming crops contaminated with the chemical.

While many lawsuits happening at the moment involves plaintiffs who were directly exposed to the chemical after consuming products from their garden, there were also instances of glyphosate levels higher than the EPA’s safety standard in water.

People living in such areas are likely to potentially suffer health risks of developing cancer, unlike those who aren’t exposed to glyphosate in their water.

Effectively removing glyphosate

Does berkey remove glysophate? The only survey to ensure that its taking water that is safe from glyphosate is through the use of a high-quality water filter. The contaminant is a topic of discussion lately since researchers relate it to causing acute and chronic exposure that leads to varying health problems. According to laboratory reports, the Berkey filtration system will purify your water, reducing glyphosate in water by at least 75%.

Does exposure to glyphosate in your water pose health risks? Whereas there have been controversies surrounding the issue of whether roundup causes cancer or not, an international research agency for research on cancer (ISRC) has a feeling that glyphosate being a group 2A has the probability of being carcinogenic to human beings.

Studies using animals show a link between cancer and exposure to glyphosate. It also causes kidney complications, disorders in the reproductive system, and impaired fetal growth, and it also interferes with the endocrine system.

Does Berkey filter uranium?

How do you ensure the water you drink is safe? What determines the level of safety for water? EPA gives reports on the set of drinking water according to the safe drinking water act. However, the reports indicate the presence of radioactive elements such as uranium in water.

The radiological contaminant is found in underground water, the bedrocks, and the dissolved minerals containing uranium. The element is known to cause damage, including kidney failure, cancer, and even death. If water meets the set standards by the government, yet it still contains harmful elements like uranium, how would you tell if the water is causing more good than harm?

If the municipal is meeting only the minimum requirement for water safety set by EPA, what can you do to ensure the water you take is safe?

The use of the berkey filtration system ensures that it eliminates around 97% of the uranium in the water together with other radioactive elements. The filters will purify your water to viral levels while permitting essential minerals to pass through. Berkey gravity water filter gives a layer of protection that ensures you are drinking safe, clean, and pure-tasting water.

Conclusion: Berkey wins

A comparison of Berkey vs Propur filter systems is a comparison among the well-known competitors in the delivery of high-quality gravity water filter.

However, unlike propur, berkey systems have taken the game a notch higher through ensuring virtually 100% removal of impurities from water.

They have been carefully tested and proven to be accurate in the removal of pathogens, chemical substances, cysts, and parasites from water.

More so, the berkey filtration system can remove heavy metals such as uranium, mercury and lead from water.

Additionally, Propur systems are not re-usable.

Berkey delivers great results giving satisfaction to clients with their water, which has also greatly promoted the berkey water filtration as well. The most amazing bit about berkey filters is their reliability. When it comes to the removal of unwanted impurities from water, it maintains all the essential minerals that your body needs from the water.

Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements
  • 2.25 GALLON CAPACITY- The portable Big Berkey Purification...
  • POWERFUL PURIFICATION- Berkey systems equipped with Black...
  • ECONOMICAL, LONG-LASTING- A pair of Black Berkey...

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