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Hi, my name is James M. Clayton. I have grown up with a burning desire to empower people get supply of pure water. I am greatly concerned with the issue of water-related diseases and that is why I came up with this page about Reverse Osmosis systems. Having seen several cases of the infections while growing up, I made a point of enabling people get pure water in their homes. When I was a young boy, I could see mom buy bottled water just to keep the diseases at bay. Later on in life, I have come to learn that buying water is quite expensive. Going to purchase bottled water year in year out while you leave tap water running at home is really unfair. Why then do you pay the water bills?

Sometimes, when the bottled water was finished, mom would opt for boiled water and you had to wait for it to cool down and get some oxygen before it could revert to its good taste. Now to the third option?chlorination. Ever had chlorinated water? The water is purified, yes, but the smell can be quite a turn-off.

Imagine purifying tap water and making it safe for drinking. This is what attracted me to Reverse Osmosis Systems. They are quiet a relief for all households because you get to pay your water bill in one go.

Why choose Aquafiny??

This website has the best for you in terms of Reverse Osmosis systems. Want to know the details about reverse osmosis? They are all provided here. The scope cuts across; whether you want to have general ideas or you are seeking technical knowledge. I present to you reverse osmosis from its origin and the milestones that the field has taken so far.

If you are wondering which Reverse Osmosis System is best for you, I have elaborately laid out reviews of the top systems in the market. You will also find out the system that is best for your home.

I have catered for everyone who uses Reverse Osmosis Systems and therefore don?t feel left out whether you want to use it industrially or for domestic purpose.

At Aquafiny.com, you will find every piece of information you need about Reverse Osmosis?a water purification method that is fast gaining popularity thanks to its efficacy and the water-purifying solutions it provides. Do not hesitate to follow us on twitter for more reverse osmosis tips.

Thank you for visiting my site.

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  1. I have been using a RO Zero Waste system from Watts Premier. With all the concern these days about wasting resources, I was wondering why the only Zero Waste system I see on the market is the one from Watts. Is the Zero Waste really worth the extra cash?

  2. Hi James,

    I’d like more information on advertising on your website… I’m working with a whole house water filter manufacturer. Can you email me more information or can we schedule a call?



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